The wedding day is the most important day of ones’ life. LENSURE is responsible for providing filming, editing and the production of a wedding video. From planning out a meticulous schedule of the day to providing a lovingly handcrafted video to represent the couple and their special day.

Our understanding of the process of filming a wedding video is not just recording and documenting of the process, it’s that we as professionals ensure that the moments that we capture are artistic, natural and are absolutely stunning! We do not ask our couples to pose, as we don’t just create ‘run-of-the-mill’ documentations. We want you to feel as if the camera is coming along for the journey, that the story that we tell is intimate and personal and not just another wedding video on your Facebook timeline.

A great wedding video should make you laugh, cry and stay with you forever. We understand exactly how important the memory of a wedding is, so we take the upmost care in handcrafting your once in a lifetime event into a story that you can share with your family and friends.